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Social Security Cards Do Not Belong in Wallets

The Social Security Administration addresses why you should not carry your social security card in your wallet.

Perfect Victims of Identity Theft

Victims of identity theft are usually the perfect victim. They have perfect credit, that's why they were targeted.

Identity Theft Victim

Jennifer Romero explains how identity theft can happen, after becoming a victim.

File a Police Report with Identity Theft

Sometimes local authorities will not let you file a police report for Identity Theft. This clip Includes an interview with an actual Identity Theft vi...

Obtain Copy of Credit Report

Check your credit reports to see if there have been inquiries by credit companies.

Resolving Identity Theft

It is important to do everything right the first time when dealing with Identity Theft so that it can be resolved quickly. Save documentation and send...

Document Everything After Identity Theft

It is important to get all correspondence with credit companies in writing. Do not call them. You cannot document a phone call. Clip Includes intervie...

Resolving Identity Theft Alone

It's recommended that you get an attorney to deal with Identity Theft rather than try and resolve the problem by yourself.

Consult Attorney for Identity Theft

If you don't have the time to track down fraudulent credit issues use an attorney who specializes in credit issues.

Family Members Can Steal Your Identity

Checking your credit report every few months will allow you to see if anyone has been tampering with your identity.

Contesting Your Credit Report

Your credit report can give you all sorts of usefull information when you are dealing with potential Identity Theft

Credit Repair Outfits

Credit repair companies could be a potential ripoff. Don't apply for a new Social Security number. Clip includes an interview with an ID Theft victim.

Emotional Loss After Identity Theft

The main thing a victim of Identity Theft loses is their peace of mind.

Losing From Identity Theft

Victims of Identity theft lose more than dollars, they lose time and peace of mind. Interview with ID theft victim.

First Time Home Buyers

Paul Gershkowitz, Certified Mortgage Lender discusses his three biggest pieces of advice for first time home buyers.

Budgeting Monthly Finances

Budgeting your finances is an on going process and should be used to set and achieve financial goals. Learn how to budget on a monthly basis.

Tracking your Expenses

Tracking your expenses can be a daunting task, but it's a very successful way to help evaluate and keep a budget.

Financial Needs vs Wants

In today's economy there is an inflated sense of need. Stay objective when making buying decisions, and be a smart shopper by following these tips.

Credit Score and FICO

Learn how your credit score is determined and why FICO is so important.

Evaluating and Improving your Credit Score

Improve your credit by learning how a credit score is calculated, and get a few tips on how to maximize your score.

Create a Spending Plan to Save Money

Learn several ways to start paying yourself by creating a spending plan that works with your financial situation.

Generating More Income

If you are looking for new and creative ways to generate more income, the answer may be no further than your own household.

Communicating Finances Between Couples

It is extremely important to open the doors of financial communication between couples, in order to keep relationships and finances strong.

Teaching Children to Manage Money

As your children grow up, make sure to introduce a healthy approach to spending money by following these suggestions.

BBB advierte sobre los esquemas piramidales de donacion de dinero en efectivo que florecen en linea

Consumidores hay que tener cuidado con las promociones en li­nea que prometen riqueza facil inscribiendose en un programa de donaciones.

Asesoramiento de la BBB acerca de Como Encontrar a un Planificador Financiero

En quien Confiar Encontrar a un planificador financiero y a un administrador de dinero responsable en un ambiente economico tan difi­cil.

BBB Como manejar dedua

BBB acerca de las diferencias entre los planes de consolidacion de deudas, de negociacion de deudas y de eliminacion de deudas.

BBB Explica los Beneficios de la Ley Americana de Recuperacion y Reinversion

BBB explica los beneficios de la Ley Americana de recuperacion y reinversion. Mas informacion puede ser encontrada en la pagina de

BBB advierte a los consumidores sobre llamadas telefonicas automaticas que prometen bajar la tasa de interes de sus tarjetas de credito

Better Business Bureau esta recibiendo quejas de consumidores por constantes llamadas telefonicas automaticas.

BBB advierte sobre los prestamistas del dia de pago quienes afirman que a traves del Internet no estan sujetos a las leyes

BBB advierte sobre los prestamistas del dia de pago quienes afirman que a traves del Internet no estan sujetos a las leyes.

How to Pay Down Debt Effectively

Financial advisers explore the Snow Ball method vs. the Ladder method when paying down consumer debt.

BBB Offers Advice On Buying Gift Cards

The Better Business Bureau advises consumers to check the fine print on gift cards and make sure security seals are intact before buying them.

BBBs 6 Tips For Safe Mobile Banking

BBBs 6 Tips For Safe Mobile Banking.