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Mail and Telephone Fraud Scams

Louis Gossett Jr. addresses the dangers of mail and telephone fraud. Making sure you're not sucked in by too good to be true offers.

Former Con Artist Demonstrates Sweepstakes Scams

Former professional scam artist, "John T", runs through a mock telephone scam in order to educate consumers on sweepstakes fraud.

Live LASIK Procedure

Certified surgeons perform a LASIK procedure, talking through each step to better educate consumers on how this elective surgery is preformed.

Home Energy Conservation Tips

Energy conservation tips to maximize the comfort in your home and save you money in the long run. Using proper attic insulation and ventilation, and ...

Steps to Being a Smart Shopper

Avoid disputes and receive the product and service you want. Three simple steps can make your shopping life a little easier.

Refunds and Exchange Rights

Although there is no law regulating refunds and exchanges, there are steps you can take to protect yourself as a consumer.

Watch Point of Sale Terminals

Learn several steps to make sure your point of sale terminals are not easy pickings for thieves.

Dispute Resolution Advice

Businesses and consumers alike need to understand how dispute resloution can benefit both parties if done the correct way.

BBB advierte-Eviten estafas relacionadas con trabajos de procesamiento de reembolsos

BBB advierte a aquellos que estan buscando trabajo que tengan cuidado con las oportunidades de trabajar desde el hogar procesando reembolsos.

Using Layaway for Holiday Purchases

With layaway experiencing a comeback, your Better Business Bureau offers the following guidance on how to use this old fashioned payment plan in lieu ...

JKM Ribbon

The online retailer JKM Ribbon has been receiving complaints of late shipments, and refund. The BBB advises researching online companies thoroughly.

BBBs 10 Tips For Safe Online Shopping On Cyber Monday Or Anytime

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is offering 10 tips for safe shopping on Cyber Monday and throughout the season.

BBB Tips For Happy Holiday Returns

The BBB has tips that can make returning unwanted gifts easier for you and those who receive gifts from you.