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Safety Tips for Towing

It's important to practice safe towing, regardless of the job you're doing. These tips will help you choose the right truck or trailer for the job.

Awareness Prevents Auto Collisions

Lack of awareness equates to 37% of all car collisions, so paying attention to your surroundings when operating a vehicle is essential to accident pre...

Automobile Collisions Affect Everyone

Traffic safety should be a concern for everyone. The more people are educated on the laws of the road, the fewer accidents there will be.

Car Crash Fatality Information

Car crashes among the top ten of reasons for fatalities in the United States.

Automobile Collisions And Our Economy

Even if you are not a victim of a car collision, learn how our daily economy is affected by motor vehicle collisions.

Driving Risks And The Elderly

The risks of driving increase as we age, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest traffic safety procedures and stay self-aware.

Youth and Risk On The Road

Learn why teenagers are much more likely to get into a car collision, and how you can protect your kids.

Auto Collisions Number One Cause of Death for Teens

Driving is the leading cause of death for teenagers due to a lack of experience and high-risk taking behavior. Teaching them to be safe is imperative.

Speeding Increases Risk of Car Collisions

Learn why driving faster than the posted speed limit significantly increases your chances of getting into a car collision.

Distractions While Driving

Learn why commonplace distractions cause fatalities - and how to avoid them.

Auto Collisions are the Number One Cause of Death in Children

Learn how to protect your child in a car by properly using child safety seats and restraints.