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When adopting a pet bring the whole family

When adopting a new pet from a shelter it is important to bring the entire family including your dog if you have one to meet the new addtion to your f...

Animal shelter preferred over abandonment

When you can no longer keep your pet it is best to take it to a shelter who can find it a new home instead of abandoning it.

Animal shelters online

When looking for an animal shelter check online then go visit the shelter. The most important thing to find at a shelter is customer service.

Dangerous dogs and dog laws

If you know there is a dangerous dog in your community you need to alert the authorities.

End animal euthanasia

Euthanasia in shelters has decreased dramatically over the last 30 years.

Adopting a Pet is More than Signing Papers

When you are adopting an animal there are certain things you can ask if the shelter has done such as spayed or neutered.

Animal shelters are the best place to find a pet

An animal shelter should be your first choice when looking for a pet.

Pet adoption online databases

Most animal shelters have web sites and there are a number of organizations who have big data bases of adoptable animals.

Benefits of Home Grooming

Professional pet groomer discusses the benefits of home grooming.

When to Start Grooming

Professional pet groomer talks about when to start grooming your dog

Grooming Rescue Animals

Professional pet groomer discusses what to consider when getting your rescue dog groomed.

Benefits of Dog Grooming

Professional pet groomer talks about when to groom your dog, and the benefits of professional grooming.