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Wedding communication important between couples

When making wedding plans it is important to have open communication between the future bride and groom.

Bride and groom must trust wedding coordinator

It is important for a bride and groom to trust the wedding coordinator. Maybe it is a friend or someone who has been recommended.

Choosing wedding vendors

When you choose a wedding vendor such as a photographer, that vendor usually has a list of other vendors they prefer to work with.

Wedding planner qualifications

When you hire a wedding planner what experiences and knowledge do they bring to help you plan your wedding.

Wedding planners help with budget

Wedding planners can bring a lot of knowledge to help find ways to cut corners and help you control your budget.

Bride and groom priorities should be first in budget

The most important feature for a bride and groom to have in their wedding should be the first thing in their budget.

Choose a location for a wedding first

A couple should choose where because booking a location for the wedding and reception could be complicated.

Wedding coordinators charge by the hour

Most wedding coordinators charge by the hour but some will offer package deals.

Size of the wedding guest list

The size of a wedding guest list will determine on which vendor to choose.