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Comparing New and Used Brake Shoes

Mark Salem, certified master technician and host of the BBB Video "Self Defense for Car Expense", will compare and contrast a new and used brake shoe ...

Awareness Prevents Auto Collisions

Lack of awareness equates to 37% of all car collisions, so paying attention to your surroundings when operating a vehicle is essential to accident pre...

Insurance Deductibles

Learn how deductibles are set and how they affect your insurance rates and policy.

Automobile Collisions Affect Everyone

Traffic safety should be a concern for everyone. The more people are educated on the laws of the road, the fewer accidents there will be.

Car Crash Fatality Information

Car crashes among the top ten of reasons for fatalities in the United States.

Automobile Collisions And Our Economy

Even if you are not a victim of a car collision, learn how our daily economy is affected by motor vehicle collisions.

Auto Collisions Number One Cause of Death for Teens

Driving is the leading cause of death for teenagers due to a lack of experience and high-risk taking behavior. Teaching them to be safe is imperative.

Finding a Quality Auto Repair Shop

Using AAA or the Better Business Bureau, can give you a good idea on what auto repair shops in your area, are reputable.

Information on Car Repair Facilities

AAA and the Better Business Bureau are excellent sources of information on car repair facilities.

How to Find a Quality Car Repair Facility

Local auto parts store employees are a good source of information on quality automotive repair facilities. Ask around - just be sure to search early.

Observe Auto Repair Shops from the Inside

When choosing an automobile repair facility, go inside and walk around. Check for membership plaques and other indicators of their quality of service.

Check Outside Auto Repair Facility

When you drive into a car repair facility, check out the parking lot and landscaping. Is it clean, uncluttered, and well maintained?

Benefits of Setting Appointments with Auto Repair Shops

It's much easier to work with a car repair facility that will give you an appointment for the day on short notice. That way you are assured of getting...

Find a Repair Facility Before Your Car Breaks Down

It's not a good idea to start your search for a car repair facility when your car is broken down. Plan out which one you may need in advance, so that ...

More Questions to Ask the Auto Repair Counter

There are many questions to ask the front counter man at a car repair facility to determine if that establishment is right for you.

Test the Auto Repair Facility

Test an auto repair facility by giving them something easy to do like an oil change. See how you like the service you receive.

Selecting an Auto Repair Facility

When looking for an auto repair facility, choose wisely by finding one that demonstrates both pride in their facility and their workmanship.

Describe Your Auto Problems to the Serviceman

It's important to give your automobile serviceman symptoms, not a diagnosis. That's their job. Avoid paying for things unrelated to your problems.

Paying for Auto Repair

When you take your car in for repair you have 3 options: pay with warranty, after market warranty, or out of pocket.

Resolving Disputes Over Auto Repair

When resolving a dispute, both the customer and the automobile repair facility must be polite, firm, and above all reasonable.

Dealing with Disputes Over Auto Repair

Like any conflict situation, when dealing with an automobile repair facility, it is important to be polite, but firm.

Determining Fault On Auto Repair

It is important to determine what is wrong with your car before you can determine fault in a repair job.

Understanding the Language Behind Your Estimate

When getting a car repair estimate it's important that the facility gives you a brief overview of the problem and not just a technical explanation.

Auto Repair Estimates

Use the yellow pages and call several car repair facilities to compare prices on the services you need before committing to a location.

Shopping for Auto Repair Estimates

Use the yellow pages to call several car repair facilities and compare prices on the services you need. Make sure you're getting the best deal around.

Understanding Auto Repair Price Estimates

It is important to understand what parts, labor, and pricing will be in your repair estimate. Here are two questions you must ask before work begins.

Drive your Repaired Car Before Paying

It's perfectly acceptable to drive your car before you pay the bill after a repair. This helps to ensure that the service was done properly.

Anti Lock Braking System

ABS doesn't stand for automatic braking system, but rather anti-lock braking system. Ask your technician to explain the different acronyms to you.

Repair your Vehicle with an ASE Certified Technician

Before getting your car repaired, make sure to ask for an ASE certified technician. This certification shows their commitment to high quality work.

Be Careful with Auto Repair Coupon Specials

Beware of some shops offering coupon specials. They will scan your car heavily in an attempt to find issues that may not need to be fixed.

Auto Repairs Gone Wrong

If your car isn't fixed, you need to make an appointment with the auto repair shop to check it again, taking your old parts with you.

Contact Information to Give Auto Repair Shops

When you drop off your car for repair make sure you leave a phone number where the shop can reach you directly if they have any questions.

Automobile Maintenance Schedule

To supplement the service list in your vehicle manual, here is a handy chart to know when to have various services performed on your car.

When to Change a Water Hose

Change the water hoses in your car every three years. The hoses may look stable from the outside, but internal damage is not as easy to assess.

Car Repair Work Order Adjustments

When you are signing a work order, you do not just have to sign your name. You can and should add notes and agreements on the paper.

Evaluating Car Repair Estimates

One of the main questions you should ask when given a car repair estimate is if the parts are required or just recommended.

Choosing a High Quality Auto Repair Facility

Learn how to evaluate an auto repair facility shop, crew, and service so that you can avoid problems later.

Windshield Chip Repair Prevents Cracks Later

Don't let a windshield chip turn into a crack. Simple, but effective, chip repairs utilize a polymer resin to hold keep your windshield together.

Windshield Chip Repair Covered by Insurance

If you get a chip in your windshield, call your insurance company first. The repair may be free and the sooner you act the better.

Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Car Repaired

Auto Body expert talks about what questions you should ask the shop before getting your car repaired.

Qualification of a Good Mechanic

Auto Body Expert talks about what qualifications a mechanic needs to have.

How to Be Prepared When Taking Your Car In

Auto Body Expert talks about how you can be prepared when taking your car into the shop

Preparing Your Car For Travel

Auto Body expert talks about what you can do to prepare your vehicle for travel.