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Find a Mover over the Internet

The internet is a good resource to check out a moving company but do thorough research before hiring someone to move you.

Moving Company Regulations

The Utilities and Transportation Commission regulates the rates and services of moving companies.

Hiring a Moving Company

Relocation or the act of moving involves several steps that need to be followed carefully by the consumer to avoid trouble with a moving company.

Moving Companies Holding Property Hostage

Moving companies should give you an on sight estimate, if not that is a red flag. You could end up having a fraudulent moving company keeping your goo...

Checking Moving Companies Qualifications

Companies that do not have permits are operating illegally. These companies often have deceptive business practices that could result in your goods be

Moving Contracts are a must

When you have chosen a moving company make sure you have a comprehensive contract that outlines all the goods and services you will receive.

Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading serves as the actual contract between yourself and a Moving company to protect your money and your goods

The Stress of Moving

Moving can be expensive in both time and money not to mention the added stress it puts on your life and relationships.

Personal Moving Consultants

When you choose a quality moving company make sure they send a Certified Moving Consultant to help plan your move.

Choosing a Moving Company

Dont rely on the internet alone to choose a mover. Check out websites like Moving and the BBB to check out a moving company.

Binding and Non-Binding Moving Estimates

As a consumer it is important that when you hire a moving company they come out and give you an estimate, either binding and non-binding.

Setting Expectations with Moving Companies

It is important that when you sit down with a moving company and have a clear idea of what services you want.

Save Money When Moving

If you want to save money when hiring a moving company is to do the packing yourself.

Do your Homework When Hiring a Mover

Ask family and friends who they may recommend for a moving company or check websites to see if they have the proper licenses.

Downsize your Possessions when Moving

Moving gives you the opportunity to downsize or get rid of the amount of possessions you have.

Moving Rates and Fees

There are many factors that go into the fees that a moving company will charge you.

Choosing the Right Mover

Things to watch out for to avoid hiring an illegal mover are, no background or history and no physical location.

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities When Hiring a Mover

When hiring a moving company you want to understand your rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

Storing your Possesions when Moving

If storage is part of your move you will want to think about the way your belongings will be store

Insurance and Valuation with regards to Moving

Valuation provides for loss or replacement of goods that were damaged during a move.

Moving Day Expectations

A moving industry expert explains what happens on the day of your move.

Moving Step by Step

A good moving company will protect your home and belongings.