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Identity Theft is the New Millennium Crime

Your identity is easily obtainable through many sources. We are all potential victims.

Identity Theft Description

Identity Theft is obtaining your personal information and using it to commit fraud.

Discovering you are a Victim of Identity Theft

You may not know you are a victim of Identity Theft until you are in a situation where for example you are stopped for a traffic offense and discover ...

Identity Theft is Hard to Prosecute

Identity Theft is difficult to prosecute because it is difficult to obtain evidence against the criminal.

Identity Theft From Mail

Out of all the ways someone can steal an identity, mail theft is the most common form of Identity Theft.

Targets of Identity Theft

People need to think creatively to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Utility bills and cell phone bills could be easy targets.

FTC Provides Information on Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission is building a nation wide data base for law enforcement agencies on Identity Theft

Tracking Cases of Identity Theft

One of the challenges in pursuing a case involving Identity theft is the fact that it can move quickly across state lines.

Identity Theft Pretexting

Another form of Identity Theft seen by the Federal Trade Commission is Pretexting.

Identity Theft Pretexting Description

Pretexting is the practice of obtaining personal information under false pretenses.

Pretexting is Illegal

Congress has passed legislation making pretexting Illegal. Avoid giving personal information online or over the phone when possible.

Dealing With Debt Collector Calls after Identity Theft

You need to know your rights when debt collectors call and you are a victim of Identity Theft under federal guidelines.

Identity Thieves Like Your Mail

Beware of things like blank credit card applications and convenience checks from credit card companies in your mail. You can easily OPT-OUT

Toll Free Number for Credit Agencies

Credit agencies now have a toll free number that you can use to exercise your opt-out right: 1-888-5-OPTOUT

Control Your Personal Information

Credit bureaus are not the only source of credit information for direct marketers. Control what information gets put out to marketers.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

A victim of Identity Theft needs to know what sort of protection The Fair Credit Reporting Act offers

Credit Agencies Charge a Credit Report Fee

Under normal circumstances credit reporting agencies charge a fee to get your credit report. A victim of Identity Theft can get their report free.

Review Credit Report After Identity Theft

A credit report is an essential tool for a victim of Identity Theft. It will allow you to pin point which areas of your finances were tampered with.

Steps to Take for Identity Theft Victims

The most important thing that a victim of Identity Theft can take is file a fraud alert with the credit reporting agencies and file a police report.

FTC Identity Theft Clearing House

The Federal Trade Commissions Identity Theft Clearinghouse is maintaing your information as an open file for law enforcement agencies to access.

Preventing Identity Theft

The 2 most effective tools in preventing Identity Theft is your credit report and your social security information.

Pull Credit Report Annually

Pull your credit report annually to stay updated with your status. Use an anniversary as a reminder date for doing this.

Do Not Carry Social Security Cards

There is no reason to carry your Social Security Card. Take it out of your wallet or purse and store it in a safe location where it won't be lost.

Identity Theft from Government Databases

It is rare to have identity theft result from personal information being stored in government databases

Fake Social Security Number

You should not give a vendor or business a false Social Security number.

Giving Out Social Security Information

Any commercial enterprise or government agency has the right to ask for your Social Security number.

New Social Security Number Not Always Good After Identity Theft

It's not always a good idea to get a new Social Security number when you have been a victim of Identity theft.

Issues With New Social Security Number

Wage reporting to the Social Security Administration is not a problem if you change your number

Contact 3 Credit Reporting Agencies After Identity Theft

When people discover their Social Security number has been compromised you should work with the three credit bureaus to find a solution.

Having a 2nd Social Security Number is Not a Good Solution

Obtaining a second Social Security number is not a good solution for Identity Theft.

Identity Fraud Increasing

Former FBI agent reports a rapid increase in the rate of Identity Fraud across the united states.

The FTC Reports Increased Consumer Complaints

The FTC has reported a significant rise in consumer complaints over the last few years, in fact they have almost doubled.

Technology Making Identity Fraud Harder to Stop

Sophisticated networks using the latest technology is making Identity Fraud tougher to stop.

Consumer Responsible for Own Identity

The consumer is responsible for protecting their own identity. However, technology is being put into place to assist the consumer.

Successfully Addressing Identity Fraud

To successfully address Identity Theft requires a partnership between the consumer, business, and the government.

Identity Thieves Are Business Minded

Criminals who are successful are good business people. They have had great success with Identity Theft.

FTC Identity Theft Clearinghouse

The Federal Trade Commission maintains the FTC Identity Theft Clearinghouse.

The Value of Your Personal Identity

A lot of people in our society don't appreciate the value of their personal identity, however it's a person's most valuable asset.

Laws Relating to Social Security

There is no law against companies or vendors asking you for your Social Security number. There is no law stating people are obligated to give these ve...

Identity Theft Victim

Jennifer Romero explains how identity theft can happen, after becoming a victim.

File a Police Report with Identity Theft

Sometimes local authorities will not let you file a police report for Identity Theft. This clip Includes an interview with an actual Identity Theft vi...

Obtain Copy of Credit Report

Check your credit reports to see if there have been inquiries by credit companies.

Resolving Identity Theft

It is important to do everything right the first time when dealing with Identity Theft so that it can be resolved quickly. Save documentation and send...

Resolving Identity Theft Alone

It's recommended that you get an attorney to deal with Identity Theft rather than try and resolve the problem by yourself.

Consult Attorney for Identity Theft

If you don't have the time to track down fraudulent credit issues use an attorney who specializes in credit issues.

Family Members Can Steal Your Identity

Checking your credit report every few months will allow you to see if anyone has been tampering with your identity.

Contesting Your Credit Report

Your credit report can give you all sorts of usefull information when you are dealing with potential Identity Theft

Emotional Loss After Identity Theft

The main thing a victim of Identity Theft loses is their peace of mind.

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