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Evaluating a Childcare Facility

Learn how to properly evaluate and know what to look for when you first walk into a childcare facility.

Childcare Instruction Based on Culture

Should a child's instruction at a childcare facility be based on culture? Learn how childcare providers should approach the child's learning experienc...

Learn About Childcare Facilities

Learn the different types of child care facilities and be aware of the way each one operates.

Elementary Teacher and Early Childhood Care

Learn why early childhood education requires different methods of teaching, which is not demonstrated in a elementary education degree.

Brain Research on Children

With new studies on childhood brain development higher standards are being placed on children, which may not be a good thing.

Overworked Parents Increase The Need For Childcare

Overworked parents can drastically effect the childcare industry. The longer the child stays in day care the less time the parent has with the child.

Childcare Teacher Pointers

Learn some key pointers a childcare teacher should be using when instructing a child in the classroom.

Evaluating a Childcare Teacher

Learn how to properly evaluate a childcare teacher, and know what to look for when watching them with your child.

Choosing the Best Childcare Facility

With a myriad of choices parents have today, what sets a good quality childcare facility apart from the rest of the field.

Using the Childcare Aware Program

Learn how the Child Care Aware program works and how this can benefit parents when looking for a childcare facility.

Childcare Aware Services to Parents

Child Care Aware offers parents assistance for early childhood education to the local average childcare rates.

Finding High Quality Childcare

With numerous choices parents have selecting a childcare facility, learning about which resources to start from is your best bet.

National Association for Family Child Care Accreditation

Learn the accreditation areas which the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) use to qualify a childcare facility.

Accredited Childcare Facilities

If you need of good place to start looking for quality childcare facilities, check the accredited childcare centers first.

Understanding What Accredited Childcare Facilities Are

Learn why childcare facilities become accredited and what it actually means to the consumer.

Evaluating a Care Givers Duration with Your Child

When selecting a childcare facility, the parent has a right to know how much the care givers are earning so that they may properly evaluate how long t...

The Importance of Teacher to Children Ratios

Find out why ratios between children and teachers are important in a classroom, and why is it even more important in day care.

Benefits of Lower Student to Teacher Ratios

Childcare centers with lower student to teacher ratios will benefit not only the child but the teacher.

Childcare Options for Parents

There are a variety of options for parents when searching for childcare, which one is right for your needs?

Lack of Quality in Early Childhood Childcare

There is a lack of quality in childcare available especially from birth to 3 years of age.

Cost of Quality Childcare

It costs a lot of money to provide quality childcare. Middle class families are the least able to afford quality childcare.

Finding the Right Environment for Your Child

As a consumer, it is in your best interest to gather as much information as possible before making your childcare selection.

Childcare Licensing and Accreditation

Licensing and accreditation are not the same. Each state has it's own licensing requirements for childcare.

High Employee Turnover in Childcare

A large problem in the childcare industry is high turnover of teachers due to low pay. Learn more about why this is.

Important Questions to Ask Childcare Facilities

There are several important questions to ask when you tour a childcare facility. See if they have a CPR certificate, how long they have been around.

Caregiver and Family Relationships

The teacher/caregiver and family relationship is important. Make sure the caregiver wants to establish a relationship with the family.

Childcare Environment

Make sure the childcare environment is set up with the child's perspective in mind, so that the child is able to feel the most comfortable when being ...

Choosing a Childcare Facility

Make sure when you are choosing a childcare location for your child, that the facility's policies are right for the family.

Service Options for Childcare

Childcare services are provided in 4 settings: in home care, care by relatives, childcare centers, and family childcare providers.

Find a Facility through Accredited Childcare Centers

Finding a child care facility is extremely difficult. Start by looking up accredited childcare centers with the NAEYC and the NAFCC.

Childcare Resource and Referral Agencies

There are over 700 childcare resource and referral agencies across the country that can help you make decisions.

Visit Many Childcare Facilities

It is important to visit and view as many childcare services as possible so that you can be aware of the differences between a good facility from a ba...

Five Steps to Searching for Childcare

Childcare AWARE has created 5 general steps to help families who are looking for quality childcare.

Interview Childcare Facilities

Once you have created a list of childcare centers that may meet your needs, call and make an appointment to interview with them.

Questions to Ask Childcare Facilities

Find out if the childcare facility you are observing is licensed and ask about their childcare record.

Understanding Childcare Accreditation in your State

Childcare AWARE advises that you ask if the program you are interested in is accredited and know what that accreditation means in your state.

First Visit to a Childcare Center

Parents should have the following expectations when visiting a quality childcare center.

Childcare Facility First Impressions

Parents need to trust their instinct when evaluating a child care facility. Trust your first impressions when you walk into the center.

Educating Parents on Finding the Right Childcare

Educating parents on what to expect from their child care provider is a must, but first they need to compare and contrasts facilities in their area.

Finding a Quality Childcare Center

Starting with accreditation organization and your local licensing department is a good way to start when looking for a quality child care center.

Are Computers Good for Preschool Children

Today, there is greater pressure on preschools to teach children computers and advanced curriculum. Toogie Shephard says let the children be children.

Creative Curriculum for Children

It's recommended that preschools use age appropriate curriculum for their students, that target every stage of development.

BBBs 9 Tips for Finding Child Care

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises parents to take plenty of time to find safe, reliable child care that suits their children and schedules.

BBB Tips on Choosing a Summer Camp

BBB advises parents to look beyond glossy brochures: The safety, health and satisfaction of children should be the camp's top priority.