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Evaluating Remodeling Bids

Make sure to evaluate contractor's bids properly. Here are some tips to make sure consumers are comparing like bids to avoid conflicts down the road.

Items to Include in a Remodeling Contract

Once a consumer has selected a contractor, it's time to get everything in writing. Here are some important items to include in the remodeling or cont...

Choosing the Right Type of Window

Selecting the right type of window will save the consumer money and keep the home comfortable.

Consumers Needing Lien Wavers

Learn why in every remodeling or building project, a consumer should protect their investment by acquiring lien wavers from their contractor.

Using a Lien Release

Learn what a lien release is and why consumers should require them from their home contractor to assure any payments for materials has been taken care...

Placing Cable in your Walls

When doing a remodeling or new home construction, make sure to take advantage of the open walls and run as much cable as you can for the future.

Keeping Records of Remodeling Projects

Keeping good records throughout your remodeling projects is crucial, follow these helpful hints to help keep good records.

State Requirements for Licensed Home Contractors

Every US state has their own requirements for licensed home contractors and remodelers and proceed with the ones that meet all requirements.

Picking Contractors from a Phone Book

Rosie Romero gives tips on finding a reputable contractor from the phone book.

Heat Pump Company Maintenance

When the home owner is evaluating a heat pump contractor, it is important that they have a service and maintenance department.

Duct Work for Heat Pumps Extremely Important

Any heat pump manufacturer is only as good as the duct work that it is attached to.

Home Contractor Referrals

Ask friends and family for names of contractors they have used and call them to find out if they do the task you are looking for.

Contractors Have Specific Licenses

In British Columbia they have licensing for contractors through the provincial government for some home repair work.

Selecting a Home Contractor

When hiring a home contractor, see how long they have been in business and if they have a portfolio to look at before hiring.

Home Repairs Done Solo

Is it better to hire a home contractor that is knowledgeable about specific repairs, or try and save money by doing the work yourself?

Home Remodeling Advice

There are many aspects that go into putting a home remodeling together. Magazines and home shows do not put entry level product on display so be caref...

Remodeling Inconveniences

The larger the renovation the more inconvenient it will be for the homeowner. Consider staying with family or a motel while the renovation takes place...

Alarm Employee Qualifications

Alarm company employees should have a state and federal background checks. The central monitoring employees should have completed training classes.

Use A Qualified Alarm Installing Company

Often consumers find alarm systems on the internet but do not how to properly install it. You should always use a qualified installer to put in your s...

Commercial and Residential Fire Alarms

The Fire Department is a good source to use when choosing and installing a commercial fire alarm system.

Police Responding to a False Alarm

If a false alarm occurs it is important to be communicating not only with the police department but with your alarm company as well.

Preparing for Solar Power

Solar energy expert and solar energy user discuss how to prepare for installation of solar energy equipment.

BBBs 7 Tips For Hiring A Contractor

If you're thinking about improving your home or making repairs, the BBB has seven tips to help you find a reliable contractor.

Low Voltage Wiring

Homeowner discusses the importance of installing low voltage wiring.