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BBB Housepainters Ad

BBB Advertising Campaign, "Housepainters" Commercial. Find all sorts of reliable companies at

Home Painting Choices

Latex, oil based, high performance acrylics, and stains. A myriad of choices when at the paint store, learn how each are different and recommendation...

Hiring a Painting Contractor

Sign on the dotted line when choosing a painting contractor, but make sure to go through a checklist of referrals before you do.

Painting Exterior vs Interior of a Home

Interior painting jobs require much more labor and time, while exterior painting is faster and usually prefered by contractors to be completed in the ...

Home Painting Tips

If your are looking to paint your home using a contractor, learn from the professionals on how you should prepare your project and some tips on how to...

Paint vs Stain

Learn the different textures to which stain and paint apply, as well as which kind of stain works on different types of siding.

Test Patch Before Painting

By selecting your colors and only doing test patches on your home, it will eliminate extra cost and worry when trying to select the right color paint ...