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Potential Home Settlement Problems

Potential problems that arise around entry access zones such as sidewalks and driveways.

Checking Home Support Structure

What to notice when checking the support structure of a home and how to resolve movement and settling problems.

Evaluating Home Siding

When evaluating a home siding analyze its integrity, condition, and features that help with wheatherization of the home.

Inspecting Basement for Moisture Intrusion

Resolving basement moisture intrusion starts with learning what to look for. There are a few factors that will indicate moisture Intrusion.

Checking for Pipe Corrosion

Corroding pipes cause water pressure to weaken in some homes. Find out if your home has potential risk factors leading to pressure shortage.

Inspecting Home Foundation

Some cracks found in home foundation are caused by movement in settlement. Find out which cracks are big enough to be severe.

Hiring a Home Inspector

When choosing a home inspector there are important factors to consider and questions to have prepared before the home inspector arrives.

Basement Moisture Intrusion

Find out how roof water contributes to basement moisture intrusion.

Communicate With your Contractor

Make sure when selecting a contractor to do a remodel of new construction that you obtain all their contact information so that they are available at ...

BBBs 7 Tips For Hiring A Contractor

If you're thinking about improving your home or making repairs, the BBB has seven tips to help you find a reliable contractor.