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Liability Policy Limits

Learn why your personal assets could be at risk if your insurance policy limits are too low.

Auto Insurance Coverages

Learn the different auto insurance coverages: collision, comprehensive, towing, and rental car and how having these items covered can save you money.

Understanding Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Get a basic understanding of your comprehensive insurance policy from an experienced expert in the field.

Medical Coverage Reimbursement

Personal Injury Protection (PIP), MedPay, treatment on a "lien" basis, and auto coverage reimbursement are discussed.

Exchanging Insurance Information after Accident

Learn what information to receive before leaving an accident, and what methods work best for making getting the correct information.

Get Witnesses Information after Collision

Get witness information - it can be the most important and impartial evidence from the scene of a collision.

Dealing with Property Damage Claims

Notifying your insurance company, determining coverage, locating a mechanic, repair vs. total loss, damaged personal items, and taking photographs are...

Pain and Suffering After a Collision

Discover how being compensated for pain and suffering or inconvenient circumstances due to vehicle injury works.

Income Loss Claims after Auto Accident

Tips on how to receive compensation for wage and income losses due to being in an accident, and the variables that will play a role in how much you ge...

No Claim Without Statute Of Limitations

If the statute of limitations runs out, you lose the right to make a claim.

Hiring an Attorney after Vehicle Collision

Discussion on whether or not it is in a person's interest to hire an attorney after an auto-accident. Who would benefit and who would not.

Medical Attention and Fraud

If you're injured, you should visit a doctor immediately following a collision. However, don't exaggerate your injuries or claims.

Evaluating a Contractors Insurance

Learn how to properly evaluate and verify a home contractor's insurance policy to avoid problems down the road.

Auto Insurance Benefits

An auto insurance policy helps absorb the risk you take whenever you drive your vehicle.

Risks of Having No Auto Insurance

Laws vary from state to state, but if you do not have auto insurance, you must pay any damage you cause out of your own assets.

Get Help From Your Insurance Agent

Auto Insurance can be complex. Always ask your insurance agent to help understand your policy.

Understanding Collision Coverage

Understanding your insurance policy is important. Learn what collision coverage means and how it can benefit you.

Insurance Deductibles

Learn how deductibles are set and how they affect your insurance rates and policy.

Understanding Comprehensive Coverage

Learn what having comprehensive coverage means, and how it can help you down the line if ever in an accident.

How Insurance Companies Calculate Auto Premiums

Learning how insurance companies calculate your auto premium will help you get the best value.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Save money by educating yourself on the discounts that could apply to your auto insurance policy.

Auto Collisions Number One Cause of Death for Teens

Driving is the leading cause of death for teenagers due to a lack of experience and high-risk taking behavior. Teaching them to be safe is imperative.

Traffic Accident Preparation

Learn what to do, and what not to do, at the scene of an accident.

Personal Injury Litigation Process

Learn the litigation process from Attorney John J Olson. Focus is on suits related to personal injuries.

Hit and Run Accidents with Insured Drivers

Basic insurance coverage may not be sufficient to cover expenses that become the insured victim's responsibility. This video reviews easy steps on how...

Windshield Chip Repair Covered by Insurance

If you get a chip in your windshield, call your insurance company first. The repair may be free and the sooner you act the better.

Long Term Care

Tips on how to plan for long term care.

Protecting Your Car with Auto Insurance

Tips on protecting your car with auto insurance.

Liability And Comprehensive Insurance

Insurance expert talks about the differences between liability and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Auto Insurance Obstacles

Insurance expert talks about some of the obstacles to obtaining insurance.

Information to Gather After an Accident

Insurance agent talks about what info to gather after and accident.

Calling Your Insurance After An Accident

Insurance agent talks about when to report your auto accident.