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Designer Foam Fire Extinguishers

Conventional fire extinguishers use baking soda, but learn how a smaller designer foam option can be more effective.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Learn about the different types of fire extinguishers and a step-by-step presentation on how to use one.

How to Use a Foam Fire Extinguisher

A smaller and more efficient fire extinguisher using designer foam uses different techniques when putting out a fire. Learn how to use it properly.

Encrypting Computer Data

Encryption of your data is the best way to ensure your information is safe and protected from viruses and un-authorized users.

13 Tips in Choosing an Alarm System

When choosing an alarm system there are 13 points that you should consider such as getting references from alarm companies.

Alarm Employee Qualifications

Alarm company employees should have a state and federal background checks. The central monitoring employees should have completed training classes.

Use A Qualified Alarm Installing Company

Often consumers find alarm systems on the internet but do not how to properly install it. You should always use a qualified installer to put in your s...

Commercial and Residential Fire Alarms

The Fire Department is a good source to use when choosing and installing a commercial fire alarm system.

Police Responding to a False Alarm

If a false alarm occurs it is important to be communicating not only with the police department but with your alarm company as well.

Fire Alarm Requirements

Fire alarms are required by the building type your in and is driven by the code and jurisdiction you are in.

Fire Department False Alarms

A false alarm is any alarm that is created by not having a real fire situation. There are various causes of false alarms.

Police False Alarm

A false alarm is any alarm that goes off due to human error or malfunctioning equipment to which the police are going to respond and find no actual si...

Problems With Automatic Fire Alarms

The problem automatic fire alarms cause is that it takes response vehicles out of service when they may be needed elsewhere.

Residential Fire Alarms

You need to install smoke alarms in new construction to meet the Unified Building Code.

6 Tips to Prevent False Alarms

There are a number of things businesses and home owners can do to prevent false alarms.

Smoke Detectors for Your Home

Make sure alarm companies and yourself place smoke alarms in the proper places in your home.

Sight and Hearing Alarms

There are a number of alarms available for people who are sight or hearing impaired.

Enhanced Call Verification

When an alarm goes off in your home the alarm company will call your home before calling the police or fire department.

Fire and Security Alarm Monitoring

There are some alarm companies that install security systems and then they subcontract their monitoring to another company that is perhaps out of stat...

Home Burglary Prevention

To prevent home burglaries there is a lot a home owner can do to reduce the risk of being robbed.

Home and Commercial Fire Alarms

At home it is all right to find out what has set off an alarm, call your alarm company who will cancel the call to the Fire Department. In a commercia...

Fire Safety Tips

Have a plan when the fire alarm goes off. Fire extinguishers need to be available in both homes and businesses. Make sure they are checked once a year...

Fire Sprinklers in Your Home

When building a new home you should look at installing fire sprinkler systems. Not one fire related death has occurred in a house with working sprinkl...

Most False Alarms are Commercial

Most false alarms happen in a commercial or business setting due to a lack of training by the many people who have access to the building.

False Alarm City Ordinances

If an alarm continues to go off and it is a false alarm, every city has ordinances in place on how they will respond.

Protect Yourself Against Rising Car Prowl Crime

Vehicular break-ins also known as car prowls are on the rise in many of our communities. Here are some tips on how best to protect yourself.

BBBs 10 tips for preventing ID theft

n addition to shredding outdated or unneeded documents, the BBB has 10 steps you can take to protect your identity.