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Live LASIK Procedure

Certified surgeons perform a LASIK procedure, talking through each step to better educate consumers on how this elective surgery is preformed.

Medical Attention and Fraud

If you're injured, you should visit a doctor immediately following a collision. However, don't exaggerate your injuries or claims.

Hair Style Expectations at the Salon

When inquiring about a certain hair style, don't come into a salon expecting to look like a magazine, have realistic expectations.

Meet the Stylist Handling your Hair

Before you receive service from a hair stylist, make sure to sit down for a consultation and get to know the person who is handling your hair.

The Expense of a Salon Can Be Worth It

Learn why a consumer pays more when at a hair salon then when going to a regular barber. Sometimes the expense of a salon is worth it.

Check Ingredients in Skin Care Projects

It's important to check the ingredients in your skin care products to make sure you are maximizing your skin protection.

Take Care of Hair with Professional Tools

If you want your hair looking healthy for years to come, using proven professional tools on your hair will be beneficial.

Daily Skin Care Product Tips

Which products should a consumer use on a daily basis and how should they use them?

Seasonal Changes in Skin Care

Depending on the season, one should expect to change their routine when taking care of their skin. Learn what to do with each changing season.

Choosing a Skin Care Professional

When it comes to selecting a skin care professional, an educational background in the related field should be something to consider when selecting the...

Traveling for the Physically Disabled

There are many resources and groups available to physically disabled travelers to keep them on the road traveling.

Auto Collisions are the Number One Cause of Death in Children

Learn how to protect your child in a car by properly using child safety seats and restraints.

Emergency Vehicles on the Road

It's good to know the rules of the road when an emergency vehicle approaches.

Traffic Accident Preparation

Learn what to do, and what not to do, at the scene of an accident.

Accident Scene Safety Tips

Learn safety tips on what to do, and what not to do when you arrive at an accident scene.

Helping at the Scene of an Accident

Learn how to help someone who has just been in an accident before emergency response vehicles arrive.

Saving a Life with the ABCs

Learn from the professionals how to help a car crash victim survive.

Importance of Brining Someone Else to Doctor Appointments

Geriatrician talks about the importance of brining a friend or family member to doctor appointments as a second set of ears.

Make a List Before Doctors Appointments

Geriatrician talks about the importance of making lists before your doctors appointments.

Growing Older with Medication

Geriatrician explains types of medication as you grow older.

Slowing Down the Medical Decision Making Process

Dennis McCullough, M.D. talks about why it's important to slow down the medical decision making process.

Determining When People Need Help When They Grow Old

Geriatrician explains different types of help when growing old.

Valuable Tips When Aging

Geriatrician gives valuable tips while going through the aging process.