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Auto Insurance Benefits

An auto insurance policy helps absorb the risk you take whenever you drive your vehicle.

Paying for Auto Repair

When you take your car in for repair you have 3 options: pay with warranty, after market warranty, or out of pocket.

Recomendaciones de BBB en caso que su concesionario de vehiculos cierre

General Motors y Chrysler han anunciado que cerraran efectivamente cerca de 2,000 concesionarios en todo el pais.

Why Some People buy Hybrid over Gas

Explained in this video are some of the different reasons that people have for buying hybrid vehicles over their gas counterparts.

Differences Between Hybrid and Gas Cars

The differences between hybrid cars and their gas counterparts is revealed, along with what is beneficial and appealing about each one.

Benefits of Gas Car Mileage vs Hybrid Counterparts

Some gas cars get great gas mileage. Learn about the advantages they offer and whether or not you really need to switch to a hybrid.

Leasing a Car

Leasing an automobile can be an economic advantage to a car buyer. Why a lease might be right for you.

Automobile Leases Explained

This video helps teach how car leases operate, what their advantages/disadvantages are, and whether or not signing one makes sense for you as a buyer.

Research First Before Buying a Car

Consumers dont wake up one morning and go buy a car. Research your options before seeing a dealer to determine what makes sense for you.

Reasons for Buying a Car New

Auto manufacturers usually add incentives such as better financing when purchasing a new car as opposed to a used one.

Reasons to Buy a Used Car

Buying a used car can provide a cheaper alternative to buying new, while advances in today's technology have lowered the risks posed to consumers.

The Benefits of Lower Emission Producing Cars

There are very low emission gas powered cars available now that can be advantageous to both the buyer and the environment.

Finding a Car Dealership

If you do not have a relationship with an auto dealership, find one through the BBB or ask friends and family for recommendations.

Getting the Maximum Trade Value for Your Car

Why it's important to research your car's value online before trading it in, and how to prepare it for the dealership.

The High Cost of Hybrid Cars

The cost of hybrid cars should come down as more are introduced into the market place and manufacturers can take advantage of the economies of scale.

Car Value and its History

Explanation of how societal perceptions affect the market value of a vehicle.

Protect Yourself Against Rising Car Prowl Crime

Vehicular break-ins also known as car prowls are on the rise in many of our communities. Here are some tips on how best to protect yourself.