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Comparing New and Used Brake Shoes

Mark Salem, certified master technician and host of the BBB Video "Self Defense for Car Expense", will compare and contrast a new and used brake shoe ...

Speeding Increases Risk of Car Collisions

Learn why driving faster than the posted speed limit significantly increases your chances of getting into a car collision.

Auto Collisions are the Number One Cause of Death in Children

Learn how to protect your child in a car by properly using child safety seats and restraints.

Auto Repairs Gone Wrong

If your car isn't fixed, you need to make an appointment with the auto repair shop to check it again, taking your old parts with you.

Contact Information to Give Auto Repair Shops

When you drop off your car for repair make sure you leave a phone number where the shop can reach you directly if they have any questions.

Automobile Maintenance Schedule

To supplement the service list in your vehicle manual, here is a handy chart to know when to have various services performed on your car.

Evaluating Car Repair Estimates

One of the main questions you should ask when given a car repair estimate is if the parts are required or just recommended.

Car Estimates

Collision repair expert talks about what to look for when getting a car estimate done.

Hidden Collision Damage

Collision repair expert talks about hidden damage caused by a collision.

Qualifications When Looking for an Auto Mechanic

Auto body specialist talks about what to look for when hiring a mechanic